Fucking Awesome has recently released some new Anthony Van Engelen footage in this short video entitled “Devil on Horseback”. As always AVE is the epitomy of raw, powerful street skating and any new clips are a must see, so be sure to check the edit filmed by Benny Maglinao. Buy all NEW Fucking Awesome and Hockey Skateboards and Apparel Exclusively here at Street Dreamz Boardshop, Canada.

Numbers Edition NOW AVAILABLE !!! CANADA

We are pleased to announce that we are 1 of  9 stores in all of Canada Exclusively selling Numbers Edition skateboards and Apparel! Numbers Edition represents skateboarding in its truest form; pure, creative and most importantly, fun. This is what skating should be about, and this is what Eric Koston and Guy Mariano have brought back through their belief in supporting the kind of skater owned shops they grew up with. Quality over quantity defines them and their clean and minimalist style embodies what they’re all about, get back to the basics and get there with Numbers Edition.


Logan Lara uploaded Part 1 of his video to YouTube today. It features full parts from Sean Pablo and Sage Elsesser, and cameos from most of the FA crew—Jason Dill and Anthony Van Engelen included. If you’re a fan of Supreme’s Cherry (2014) and the Fucking Awesome web edits, then you’ll definitely enjoy this clip. There’s also a nice thank you to dylan Rieder at the end—which may explain the timing of this online release.

Watch the video above.


Fucking Awesome Now Available !!

Very exciting news for us! We have just been announced as one of 12 Fucking Awesome dealers in Canada! These boards and clothing are super limited and will be hard to find worldwide.

Fucking Awesome skateboards was started by legendary pros Jason Dill and A.V.E. (2015 Skater of the Year) after they jumped ship from Alien Workshop during some weird changes. They were sooner followed by some heavy hitting pros like Dylan Rieder and Kevin Terpening. Also collaborating with Supreme filmer Bill Strobek. They also picked up some the Supreme NYC kids (Nakel Smith, Sage Elsaesser, Tyshawn Jones, Kevin Bradley and Sean Pablo). Sage and TyShawn both went pro this Summer. Tyshawn just came out with a heavy part in Away Days, the Adidas video. He also has the cover of the June 2016 Issue of Transworld Skateboarding magazine. The Decks and graphics are sick! F. A . just recently released the AVE Hologram Deck, a decks graphic changing from AVE’s Class photo to the Terminator. Watch the graphic change with just a tilt from the board. This graphic has caused quite a stir, selling out very quickly at all the Supreme locations and building lots of excitement among hype beasts worldwide.

When Fucking Awesome boards originally came out they were only available at Supreme NYC & LA. Eventually moving around the world in very limited supplies. They are now available at selected retailers worldwide, 12 of those being in Canada, and one of them being us! This is exciting because it brings back the core skateshop feeling.